Not sure if anyone has already voiced this one or not, but what are the chances that the new album is going to be called Swift…?

…As in the species of bird.

Call me crazy but it sort of fits a lot of the subtle hints that we seem to be latching onto. It starts with S, it would be a corny play on words which is quintessentially Taylor, and it would explain the “wings” reference as well as the rumored “Project Cardinal” event.

I know, it seems pretty thin, but the swift (meaning the species of bird) has some interesting parallels which it shares with a certain performer of the same name.

Honest Opinion Question

I’m just curious as to how many people here feel like a lot of Taylor’s fans place her on a pedestal, and also whether or not they think that is a healthy thing?

Not trying to spark a heated argument, but I’d welcome a lively debate on the subject. Feel free to either Ask, DM, or just reblog your thoughts.



I started a huge (actually it was more like EPIC) argument today at work when I suggested that it might be a good idea to make it illegal for men to own firearms. I’m not sure if it was that, or the additional suggestion that a man shouldn’t be allowed to possess a…

I’m not entirely sure what I find more entertaining here, the fact that you just quoted dialogue from Billy Madison in a vainglorious and pathetically unoriginal attempt at sounding facetious while trying to insult me with your vitriol (unsuccessfully, I might add), or that you took the time to do so in reply to a sidebar comment about gun control that was posted on a Taylor Swift discussion blog nearly two months ago.

You obviously don’t seem to grasp, or even possess the ability to comprehend, when someone is playing the devil’s advocate. Concordantly, I very seriously doubt that your feeble intellect is capable of having anything even remotely approaching a sapient discussion about the Second Amendment.

Nevertheless, if you feel the need to try and match wits against me (especially considering that you know nothing about me), then feel free to continue embarrassing yourself for my amusement.

Anonymous asked:

How do feel about the possibility of Taylor going full bubblegum pop for album 5?

Honestly? I’d probably hate it and wouldn’t even consider buying the album if she went that route.

I mean, it’s ok if it’s only one track or maybe even two, but you couldn’t pay me enough, much less ask me to fork out money to listen to an entire album of full on bubblegum-smacking, finger-in-hair-twirling, dramatic-eye-rolling pop music. Even if it is Taylor Swift.

I am currently working hard to finish my new album. I cannot reveal any details yet. But for sure it the favorite thing I have done in my whole life, more than the previous ones. Perhaps, between October and November would be the right time to release it.

I can’t see this being true if she’s trying for any Grammys. If she releases fourth quarter the album isn’t eligible for submission until 2016, which was the issue with Red.

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There was nothing wrong with the release date for Red from where I’m sitting.

This debate has been hashed out and then rehashed so many times it isn’t funny, but let me spell it out for the record yet again.

Taylor’s album debut schedule is as follows:

Taylor Swift - October 24th, 2006 Fearless - November 11th, 2008 Speak Now - October 25th, 2010 Red - October 22nd, 2012

There is no proof to suggest that she won’t stick to the same schedule with the new album, and for good reason.

For starters, this allows her to release a couple of singles prior to the September 30th cutoff for Grammy eligibility, so she can compete for awards in the single of the year categories come 2015. Likewise, the album itself, plus any singles released after September 30th, would be eligible for awards in 2016.

Taylor could deviate from the schedule for her new album, but that would preclude her from any Grammy nominations in 2016 unless she decides to start doing non-album releases, which I don’t see happening.